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“Useful insight to EA and the benefits it could bring.” - Technical Consultant, Experian, UK, Mar 2013

Recommend PEAF?


“Yes - Although I have not practiced it, but this appears to me a well thought out framework and process to be a strong alternative to other frameworks such as TOGAF. ” - IT EA Manager, Los Angeles World Airports, USA, May 2010

Case Studies

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Ovum Study

You can also see the results from the Ovum 2012 Study which finds that PEAF and TOGAF share the top-spot for the EA frameworks that respondents most frequently mention here  (Notwithstanding the fact that TOGAF is NOT an EA framework of course!)

PEAF is being used at Penn State University as part of their EA Centre of Excellence

You can see the press release here.

DHCS Utilises PEAF in it's EA function.

On May 31, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) unveiled its enterprise architecture plan, a technology blueprint to make progress on it’s nearly $1 billion project portfolio and help implement the Affordable Care Act in California.

Jump to 21:55 into the video where Ben Word (Manager of the DHCS EA Office) states the EA program at DHCS is "the discipline used to Increase the Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility and Durability of the Enterprise by Supporting the management of Cost Risk, Flexibility and Quality of Change using Structured Models, performing EA Governance, and Recommending Enterprise Investment Opportunities." - which is 99% of the EA Vision statement defined in PEAF - See page 14 in the PEAF Vision Document.

Job Adverts

Since 2011 people are beginning to list PEAF as part of the requirements ion Job Adverts. This list are those jobs that Pragmatic have become aware of in the UK. There may very well be many more worldwide.


Enterprises that have attended PEAF Training,,,,,,,,,,

Reference calls can be arranged on request.

Enterprises who have not attended training but have indicated in the May 2012 survey that they are “actively using PEAF”

Out of a total of 294 respondents (out of 2,000+ that were asked to reply to the survey): A&P Consulting, ActewAGL, AECOM, bwin interactive entertainment, Cenovus Energy Inc., Future Tech Systems, Inc., KMF Consulting, La Capitale, Metacircular Limited, Next Generation, Inc., A Deloitte Technology Partner, Pacifico Seguros, PreterLex Ltd., RNDr. Pavel Sekanina, SA O Estado de São Paulo, Symbionics, Villemos Solutions.

We also asked all Pragmatic Licensees "Would you recommend PEAF to others?"

Out of a total of 294 respondents (out of 2,000+ that were asked to reply to the survey) 92% “(271) would recommend PEAF” 8% (23) “would not recommend PEAF”. You can see ALL their responses here. They have been gathered from two survey's. One carried out in May 2010 and one in May 2012. The Quotes are UN-ABRIDGED, UN-EDITED and UN-FILTERED and therefore provide a true account of people's views, both positive and negative. Spelling mistakes and all.

This is an email I received regarding an Enterprise that is utliising PEAF

[COMPANY_X] have used Gartner for years but got little or no value.

Recently Gartner has noticed a little more activity from [COMPANY_X], but no real need for Gartner Analyst support.

As a matter of fact, [PERSON_FROM_COMPANY_X] told Gartner that he had a more pragmatic approach to EA that was bringing a lot of success.

So [SOMEONE_FROM GARTNER] came in and listened to [PERSON_FROM_COMPANY_X].

[SOMEONE_FROM GARTNER] were blown away with the work that [PERSON_FROM_PEAF_CONSULTANCY] had done, and the impact that EA was starting to have.

In addition, the Gartner executive sales VP came to talk to the CIO of [COMPANY_X], who commented that “we are now deploying PEAF and even starting to train our staff”.

[PERSON_FROM GARTNER] was really impressed by the framework.

Issued Licenses

There are 3,039 Individuals, Enterprises and Government Agencies that are currently licensed to use PEAF.

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