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A list of ALL ENTERPRISE FRAMEWORKS (and Modeling Tools)…

This page is a working list of all "frameworks" and "modeling Tools" that Pragmatic EA Ltd knows about.

It is a work in progress and as such should not be considered to be a finished complete list at this stage

If you believe any information for a framework is in error or you would like to supply some missing information for a framework that is listed, please click on the Update link in the table next its name and submit your amendments.

If you wish to submit details of a framework that is not listed, please CREATE ONE.

All posts require you to leave your name – All names will be listed as being contributors.

Also, if you feel you are able, I would urge all of you to email all your contacts - just direct them to frameworks.asp

Any other questions and comments to

Eventually Pragmatic EA will map every single FRAMEWORK to every other FRAMEWORK so people can easily compare them in various ways. Once this is done, it will be published for free.

ENTERPRISE - The word Enterprise should be interpreted as a general noun – the name of something - to refer to any and all of these types of thing; public and private companies, government agencies, charities, universities etc. This is not an exhaustive list but illustrates the point. In addition the word Enterprise should also be interpreted to mean any name give to any of these types of Enterprises, e.g. a private company may be referred to as a Company, Business, Corporation, Conglomerate, Organisation, SME, Firm, Establishment, Group, Multinational, Venture. The word Enterprise to refers to them all.

FRAMEWORK - The word framework can be interpreted in any way you want. See below as a guide....


Main Categories Sub-Categories
Body Association, Institute, of Knowledge, Standard
CMM Capability, Continuity, Engineering, Integration, Management, Security, Service Management
Framework Architecture, Categorisation, Continuous Improvement, Development, Governance, Information, Integration, Management, Meta, meta-meta, Ontology, Policy, Process, Service Lifecycle, Systems Development
Metamodel Management, Strategy
Method Accounting, Architecture, Communication, Costing, Development, Engineering, Learning, Management, Marketing, Model, Modelling, Reasoning
Model Adoption, Analysis, Architecture, Classification, Design, Management, Marketing, Mission, Power, Reference, Relationships, Statistical, Viability
Notation Modelling
Principles Management
Standard Disaster Recovery, Engineering, Governance, Legal Admissibility, Management, Protection, Quality, Secure Destruction, Security Consultancy, Vetting,
Strategy Growth, Planning
Term Accounting, Outsource
Theory Management, Perception,
Tool Development, Modelling
Website Blog, Management,


The following 192 people have kindly contributed: Adrian Walker, Alan Dyer, Alcedo Coenen, Alessandro Falduto, Allen Woods, Anagha Khanolkar, Anders Redander, Andrew Luce, Andrew Markwell, Angeliki Kapoglou, Angelo Kehayas, Ankit Jain, Anthony Jervis, Arindam Majumder, Arun V Mathew, Ashwani Nair, Auban Derreumaux, Aubrey Janga, Axel Vanhooren, B.B. Klaversteijn, Barry Norris, Bennett Mcclellan, Bernard Robertson-Dunn, Bill Casey, Bill Taylor, Bjarne Jensen, Brad Hafichuk, Bret Watson, Bret Weinraub, Bruce Hubbell, Bruce Mcnaughton, Carlo Fabrizzio Garmendia Wilson, Charles Richter, Chris Fox, Chris Hall, Chris Ruwoldt, Christian Klaja, Claudia Iavorenciuc, Dale Abel, Dan Robert, Daniel Takabayashi, Darren Johnson, David Ching, David Eddy, David Gapp, David Hafele, Dhia Eddine Boughzala, Dick Brummer, Djamel Eddine, Dong Cliff Huang, Doug Mcdavid, Duane Grove, Ebrahim Moein, Ed Tolentino, Edward Lewis, Eo Ezeani, Erik Wynn, Esther Makaay, Evis Barbullushi, Ewald Beekman, Fiachra O'Riain, François Vernadat, Frank Guerino, Frederic Kempf, Gautham Nayak, George Embrey, Gerry Chike, Gil Laware, Graham Berrisford, Graham Bleakley, Greg Mitchell, Greg Opie, Hamish Holder, Hans Van Den Berg, Hans-Peter Korn, Harry West, Heather J Hagan, Hemanshu Worah, Hemant Desai, Henk Harms, Henrik Von Scheel, Henry Peyret, Ioana Mogensen, Irini Mylonadis, Ivo Van Haren, Jacques Cayuela, Jaime Rodríguez, Jason Uppal, Jean-Jacques Dubray, Jean-Paul Carmona, Jillian Campbell O'Connell, Johan H Bendz, John Gardner, John Kelly, Kannan Rangarajan, Karl Hightower, Keith Frampton, Ken Mullins, Kevin Kujawski, Krishnaprasath Hari, Kurt Rieger, L. C. (Skip) Lumley, Lars Taxén, Lilian Penna, Lionel Pulickal, Louise Mcdonagh, Mahiar Aeini, Mara Saltz, Marc Infante, Marcia Almeida, Marie Poirier, Marijn Mulders, Mark Andrews, Mark Paauwe, Matt Miller, Matthew West, Meng Hong Lee, Michael Lowe, Michel De Winter, Milan Guenther, Milan Kratochvil, Minhaj A, Mohammed Brueckner, Nick Malik, Otto Pretorius, Patrick Verdonk, Paul Falconer, Paul Simonsen, Paul W. Johnson, Penny Fisher, Peter Bretscher, Peter Edwards, Peter Mclarty, Peter Murchland, Pierre Gagne, Piyush Prakash, Pradyumn Sharma, Prasad Chitta, Raja Sekhar Vasa, Ramsay Millar, René Thorny, René Van De Wiel, Reza Kopaee, Ric Hayman, Richard L. Miga, Ron Schuldt, Rudra Murthy, Salim Sheikh, Sameh Darwish, Sandeep Sharma, Scott Duperron, Scott L. Lawson, Scott Oliver, Scott Raley, Shahnawaz Aziz, Shine Kannikkatt, Shine Kannikkatt, Shreedhar Torgal, Simon Chatwin, Skip Lumley, Srikanth Minnam, Stanley Karouw, Stephen Mcconnell, Steve Sanders, Sue Freeman, Suneet Taparia, Sunny Mishra, Syed Suhail Ahmad, Sylvia Tosar, Tamim Rahman, Ted Marra, Terry Schmidt, Thomas Obitz, Thomas V. Robertson, Tim Hoad, Tim O'Neill, Tom Graves, Tomáš Hajný, Tony Cohn, Tony Markatos, Trevor Fraser, Tru Do Khac, Ulises Bejarano, Venu Gadium, Vincent Delépaut, Wallis Dudhnath, Warren Weinmeyer, Waylon Kenning, Wayne Kurtz, Wayne Schmidt, Willem Cilliers, Zigmunt Jaworowski

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941 Frameworks and Modeling Tools

Num Category Name Name Expansion AKA Update Short Description Author Country of Use Search Google Trend Other URL
1 Approach: Enterprise: Transformation SOA Service Oriented Architecture Update SOA is NOT a framework, technology, or a turn-key/plug-able solution - SOA is a discipline, a long-term commitment of collaboration between business and IT and an attitude overall.



2 Approach: : Nemawashi Update



3 Body: Association: Enterprise Architects AEA Association of Enterprise Architects Update



Trend Other Url
4 Body: Association: EACOE Update



Trend Other Url
5 Body: Institute: Business Analysis BABOK Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Update The BABOK® Guide describes business analysis areas of knowledge, their associated activities and the tasks and skills necessary to be effective in their execution. The BABOK® Guide is a reference for professional knowledge for business analysis and provides the basis for the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) and the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) certifications. International Institute of Business Analysis



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