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What are the 2 primary duties of Type 1 Enterprise Architects?


Type 1 Enterprise Architects work is primarily to; 1) Evangelise the benefits of EA. 2) Support the internal EA Team to mature how EA is performed.

The Type 1 EA is involved in Transformation. Not the Transformation of Operations (What the Type 2 does) but the Transformation of Transformation.

As such he also follows the standard Transformation phases of Strategising, Roadmapping, Initiating, Elaborating, Construction and Transitioning, but these phases should not be confused with the phases in the context of the work a Type 2 EA does. For example, the Type 1 Roadmapping work is not concerned with creating the Roadmaps of the Enterprise, it is concerned with the roadmap to increase the Enterprise’s Maturity in its use of EA.

Hence the phases we refer to here are the phases of the maturation of the EA capability.


Does anyone in your Enterprise perform these duties?

If not, who will perform them?

Are there people in your Enterprise already capable of performing these duties?

If not, where will you get them from?


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