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Here the phases of Transformation are across the top and the levels of information down the side. The coloured humps give an indication of when the information at each level is used and to what degree. Some of you will notice the similarity with RUP (Rational Unified Process). POET does not use RUP and does not mandate anyone that uses POET should adopt RUP.

As can be seen, while each phase is centred around using all of the information from a particular level, each phase also utilises information in levels above (For Requirements, Governance and Lobbying), and in levels below (for Impact Assessment, Governance and Lobbying).


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Questions to ponder...

Does your Enterprise recognise the complicated mapping of levels of information required to the Phases of Transformation?

If yes, how is this evidenced?

If not, do you think it would be a good idea?

If not, does that create any problems or issues?

What needs to be done to alleviate them?

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