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NOTE: The Modelling Discipline is special. It could be called a Meta-Discipline. It is special because it is never done on its own, It’s only every used by the other disciplines.

Here we see the five main sub-disciplines of Modelling:

Determine the Question

¨      Here we identify a question that needs to be answered. There is no reason to model anything unless it will be used to answer a question. Either the question cannot currently be answered or the quality and confidence in an existing answer is too low to be useful.

Determine Required Data

¨      Having understood what the question is, here we identify what information will be required in order to answer it.

Populate the Model

·         Here we find the information identified and populate the model with it. This should be thought of as effectively a data migration exercise - as illustrated by the sub process shown.

Integrate the Data

¨      Here we ensure that information that has been loaded into the model is sustainable and will be maintained.

¨      For each source of the information loaded, there are two alternatives (which were identified in the Analysis Phase of the Populate the Model sub process).


¨      The source is removed - The people and/or processes and/or technology using the original source will stop using it and will use the information in the model in the future.


¨      The source is preserved - The necessary Methods, Artefacts, Cultural and Environmental things are put in place to enable the synchronisation and management of the data going forward with the people using it.

Answer the question

¨      Having populated the model, it is now possible to use the model in concert with the tools and analyses provided by the modelling tool to answer the question.


Questions to ponder...

How does this discipline map to your Enterprise?

Are there any problems with how your Enterprise approaches Modelling?

Does your Enterprise even recognise Modelling as a discipline?

Does the discipline your Enterprise uses include all of these required inputs and outputs?

If not, what do you need to change? Who is Responsible for making them? And who is Accountable for making sure the changes are made?

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