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Individual Consultants, End-User Enterprises, Government Bodies and Academic Institutions who wish to use any of Pragmatic’s Ontologies, Frameworks or materials must possess a Non-Commercial License.

NOTE: Contractors who operate their own one-man-band companies and provide services through recruitment agencies to End-User Organisations and Government Bodies are considered to be Individual Consultants and therefore only require a Non-Commercial License..


Use of any intellectual property from Pragmatic EA Ltd

(including but not limited to PF2, POET and PEAF) is covered by a


Creative commons Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives 4.0 license


In addition, Licensees agree to be contacted by Pragmatic EA periodically with updates.


The Pragmatic Non-Commercial license is automatically renewed annually.


There are no Licensing Fees for Non-Commercial Licenses, but if you find the Pragmatic Ontology's and Frameworks useful, you can support their development by making a donation.



Individual Consultants or employees of End-User Enterprises, Government Bodies or Academic Institutions can also attend Training and become Certified to demonstrate to their current and future employers their understanding and proficiency in the use and application of Pragmatic Ontologies and Frameworks.





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